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Hello Valued Client,

My name is Jonathan Ophelders, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the services my business has to offer.  

My company, JJO Disability Advocator, helps those with disabilities and special needs access resources from government and private organizations, to help them accomplish their life goals. Oftentimes, funding is available to support various needs, however, the process is not widely publicized or the funding itself is not easily accessible. That’s where my business can help!

The development of my business was born from my own personal circumstances. Having a learning disability myself, I experience difficulties with speech and writing and continue to rely on technology to complete school and other life functions. It has been challenging to get the support I have needed to achieve my life goals.

Through many hours of research, I learned of grants, tax credits, and other resources that were available to support me on my journey. In order to help others, I widened the criteria of my investigation and learned about eligibility requirements to access resources for a range of disabilities, through government, private companies, and local businesses in the community.

If you would like to explore how to access potential resources for you or someone close to you, please visit my website and complete the intake questionnaire, which will help me determine how best to serve you.

If you have any questions, or if I can be of service, please contact me by phone, text, or email.  I look forward to serving you to help you reach your goals too!    


Rosemary Crossley

I can be reached by phone, text or email 416-618-7592 email jonathan.ophelders@jjodisabilityadvocator.ca Fax 249-552-1998


https://g.page/r/CXSLGz5q0GrrEBM This is my Google page

See below questionnaires to download , if you email it back please use QuickForget.com here is a link https://quickforget.com to get a link to email to me for more security. also you can mail it to 25 ironwood trail L0K1E0 Coldwater or make a appointment for me to pick it up

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